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Before you can become more efficient, step back and look at your online dating commitment now.

Then add the time you spend getting ready and traveling.

In 2010, Mashable renamed the Open Web Awards to the 4th Annual Mashable Awards.

The Mashable Awards officially launched on 27 September 2010 with nominations for categories including Best Mobile Game, Best Use of an API, Best Web Video, Most Promising New Company and Entrepreneur of the Year.

Winners include Hoot Suite for Best Social Media Management Tool, Reach Local for Best Social Media Service for Small Business, i Pad for Best New Gadget, and Angry Birds for Best Mobile Game.

Abstract: This dataset summarizes a heterogeneous set of features about articles published by Mashable in a period of two years.

The name High Blood is inspired by the Chaebol ruling class trope popular in Korean drama shows.Voting was conducted online through Mashable and its 24 blog partners.Winners included Digg, Facebook, Google, Twitter, You Tube, ESPN, Cafemom and Pandora.It was easy to guess which words were paired with some states.For example, Hawaii’s most used word is ‘surf,’ and Florida’s hot word is ‘Disney.’ What is the word that New Jerseyans like to include in their profile?See their article for more details on how the relative performance values were set. Attribute Information: Number of Attributes: 61 (58 predictive attributes, 2 non-predictive, 1 goal field) Attribute Information: 0. timedelta: Days between the article publication and the dataset acquisition (non-predictive) 2. n_tokens_content: Number of words in the content 4. data_channel_is_socmed: Is data channel 'Social Media'? The original content be publicly accessed and retrieved using the provided urls. * Acquisition date: January 8, 2015 * The estimated relative performance values were estimated by the authors using a Random Forest classifier and a rolling windows as assessment method. The 3rd Open Web Awards were held in November and December 2009.Winners included Pandora Radio for best mobile music site or app, Fish Wrangler for best Facebook game, and "Surprise Marriage Proposal in Spain" as best You Tube video.


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