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By activating the PLEX you add 30 days to your subscription time. Ships, their modules and the contents of the cargo can be destroyed by NPC pirates and enemy players, so there is always a reason to buy something new.

Unlike in other games, you don't earn "experience points" by doing quests.

Ev E Trader helps traders and auditors at estimating their (or someone else’s) profits and to draw some cool looking graphs based on a series of customizable criteria. Ev EAs perfectly explained on the author’s web site, EVEWallet Aware (EWA) is meant both as an offline wallet viewer and trading/accounting helper for the MMORPG EVE Online.

EWA utilizes the EVE API to download your wallet transactions and journal.

In this page you will find some of my favourite applications and also self made software.

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But which skills to train in order to best make use of the market?This guide explains the various trading-related skills found in EVE Online.href=" title="" Sadly, the skills in the trading category are often neglected by new players, who perhaps rightly prefer to focus on gaining access to new ships and weaponry.One of them learn industry, the other learns small ship combat, the next one battleships, the fourth logistics ship (healer), the fifth capital ships and so on.Each account need to be paid and if you have ISK, you can pay them all by PLEX. It offers you much higher income than any other EVE activity.Basic Market Skills These skills allow effective use of the market.They are very handy for most EVE players, and must-haves for EVE trading aficionados. Two levels of this will let you train Retail, which gives far more orders per skill level, but dedicated traders will want to take this to four so that you can train Accounting and Daytrading, or even level five, in order to get the maximum number of market orders possible.An absolute must for the industrialist, economist, and even those who fancy watching those SPs add up daily. In Eve your skills determine what you can fly and do.That's 18 years and 2 months with the best implants, using perfect attributes.However you are allowed to have more than one account, so have several characters learning things in the same time.


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